SMS Getaway Software Review By 99Software

99software provides SMS Escape services and software to configure and connect to our platform is possible in many ways. With our SMS gateway software, you can route messages globally as needed. Send bulk SMS anywhere in the world by clicking a button and track your results in real time.

With our SMS gateway software you can activate your company, for example:

• Retrieve reminders and event reminders.
• Send alerts and notifications for service interruptions.
• Send offers and discounts to customers.
• Send information updates to employees.
• Notify when orders have been published.


Our SMS gateway software is reliable, cost-effective and fast as we connect with multiple carriers worldwide through our top-level direct connections.

Our flagship SMS gateway software also supports the following IP / API connections:

• HTTP, SMPP and SMTP connectivity.
• HTTP / XML connectivity.
• Online control panel for sending and receiving SMS messages.

99software is an operational support system and service delivery platform for message termination and SMS aggregation, and acts as an SMS aggregation software and SMS server.

99software has full operating, support and control features. We have a scalable cargo management architecture and add more value-added services such as feature code, email and others on the same platform. We have operational support capabilities such as Live Traffic Monitor, dynamic routing, classification and upload, white label solution platform list, balance management, service management, large numbers of reports, SMPP-based API connection, and more.

Free lifetime Support

Our SMS software is a commercial platform that provides fast, secure and reliable SMS delivery for A2P SMS traffic. Cost-effective solution with comprehensive capabilities for scaling operations and operations.

Features and Benefits of our SMS Gateway Software:

Service Excellence:

Manage multiple services with one account: SMS, Email, and Short / Long Codes

Fast and reliable SMS connectivity for managing large volumes of data over SMPP (v3.4 and v3.5) for inbound and outbound connections. Other available interfaces SMTP, HTTP / HTTP, XLS, CSV, database, XML, scalable to manage other protocols.

Bulk SMS and two-way messaging: Allows the service provider to send bulk text messages through direct subscribers and reseller subscribers, as well as launch interactive services with short code and long code N sub-level keywords. Keyword categories and workflow definitions based on the user's response

Agnostic message:

Multilingual SMS support with Unicode industry standard (UTF-8)
Message type: additional text, binary, WAP insertion, OTA, ringtones, EMS, MMS, etc.
Multiple SMS character sets (7-bit, 8-bit, Unicode / UCS2)
Supports MIME and UTF-8 for emails
Chained messages (optional truncated or rejected)
Automatic or manual TON / NPI configuration
Enrichment and filtering of messages
Submit messages based on configurable rules
Traffic control with filtering rules based on message content, sender ID or recipient ID
Delivery reports: Unified error code assignment and live tracking of delivery reports.
SMS and spam alarms: Monitor floods and SMS spam using built-in software mechanisms and send alerts to the service provider's administrators.
Rule Based Routing Engine: Intelligent tool for defining routes for SMS delivery based on configurable sender identification, service plan, operator routes, gateways, user rules with logical operators.
Global Coverage and NPM: Provide global coverage with a scalable platform to manage global interface requirements and mobile search integration.

Operational excellence:

Easy-to-use interface with all operations via a graphical user interface with a minimum of know-how and technical expertise

One platform for multiple accounts: subscribers, resellers, partners, employees of the company

Empty interface for: subscribers and resellers

System monitoring and performance reports:

Real-time traffic monitoring table

MIS traffic statistics and reports

In terms of the user, gateway wise, wise traffic monitoring of the service plan

Integrated e-mail notifications and NMS

Complete analysis of messages based on multiple criteria, namely. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, account, reseller, source and destination etc.

Uniform and configurable error code mapping for all connection gateways

Failover management and management

Extensive logging and configurable logging levels

Business Excellence:

Service Plans: Enables business use, improved management capabilities with service plans assigned to multiple users, and flexibility in configuring user services. Unique product catalog with high-quality services, pricing, priority and control of the behavior of multiple users.

Quality of Service and Business Alignment: Define different QoS, message delivery, time optimization, and peak timelines based on SLA with the customer to manage revenue margins

Rule Based Routing: The ability to define rule based routing based on various criteria in the customer service plan, sender ID, origin, destination, and combination. Automatic reconnection and rerouting mechanism that manages rush-hour traffic or connection failover.

Integrated solution: A flexible system with interfaces ready to implement lists that integrate with any network element, interactive services platform, workflow automation, infotainment and content provider platforms.


High-security system for managing endangered scenarios with

Authentication (Username / Password, HTTP Basic Authentication, SMTP AUTH)

Blacklist / white list of mobile numbers

SSL support for all connections

Critical issues of our customers when they contacted us

As a reseller: - If one of the panels does not work, you must migrate all your clients to another panel and then start the activity, which makes the customer experience more difficult. They also rely on the reseller panel provider for quality services.

As an SMS agglomerator with Ready platform: - The Ready SMS Gateway application is unable to adapt to changes in the Telecom Business Environment due to scalability and functional issues.

As a bulk SMS provider that outsourced the development of the platform: - Due to the dynamics of the telecommunications industry, the platform can not adapt and the outsourced developer has no experience in the industry. Because only they are developers and they are not affiliated with Telecom.

SMS providers developing the activity: - The current SMS gateway is not compatible with the extension, such as: Customer base, SMS volume, user management, sorting and pricing, administration routing, and so on.

New participants: Customers with experience in the segment who want to start as an SMS aggregator and compete with the primary aggregators. They do not want to be distributors, but they are in a dilemma for outsourcing an SMS gateway between the decision to outsource with an SMS gateway software provider, the development of an open-source SMS server, or a developer hiring one SMS software to develop it from the beginning!

The 3 biggest problems of SMS aggregators that we have solved for our customers:

Support: - The biggest problem with aggregators is the time. Losing your time with support issues puts you in a business scenario that you lose.

Some of the key solutions include:

Traffic control panel with summary and easy to trade traffic statistics with status

User panel with automatic notifications for use and recharge

Regular SMS and e-mail communication for technical updates

Personal communication and notification of the internal support team

Notifications for connected and uninjured client clients and their other status updates

Billing: - The aggregators are the masters of Excel! But you do not have time to work manually again. To solve this problem, we provide a billing and reporting engine that works with the data in a CSV file, saving you time.

Some of the key solutions include:

Reminders of account balance and expiration status

National costs and qualifications, especially important for international markets

Reports: - The lack of adequate reports is a problem. The right reporting module with business status and statistics is the key.

Some of the key solutions include:

Regular reports not only with the identification of direct customer problems, but also the status of the customer's customers

Specific reports of the customer's 10 most recent customers, the last 7 days, the last 15 days, or the last month to determine the size of the business.

We've invested millions in building a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure with multiple gateway servers across multiple data centers to ensure delivery of all your messages in seconds.

Each server has a backup and each backup has a backup to ensure complete redundancy. And the networks of silence are constantly monitored by staff and software to avoid delays. Dynamic message queue monitoring ensures that your messages are delivered as quickly as possible. And in the unlikely event of a site being interrupted, failover mechanisms automatically route messages to others.

So we distribute millions of messages every day. Constant and reliable, as promised.

The advantages of our SMS gateway

Manage queues and message routes dynamically for maximum delivery speed

Full redundancy means that every system has a backup waiting to be deployed, so your messages do not have to wait for a moment

24/7/365 SMS support for all gateways and operator networks with automatic redirection in the unlikely event of a failure or failure

End-to-end message tracking by a standalone server provides an audit trail for each text sent and received

Our SMS security features include bank encryption and VPN that protect your privacy and privacy

The advanced gateway software is agile, scalable and provides seamless integration with SMS CRM

Our 100% service life guarantee

No missed opportunities No lost news No discomfort. Our SMS Gateway is 100% available and waiting to deliver your most important text messages or money. 100% guaranteed