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The main vocal style of 99Software can be described as friendly, informative, talkative, laid back and easy to describe. Our voice has a youthful quality that's great for Millennial Advertising, especially for Kickstarter, explanatory videos, or just videos that need a young, understandable and mostly individual voice to highlight your video or presentation.

Our other distinctive vocal style is that of a hymn style. I have a young and distinctive sound that can really bring a certain and sincere sound, ideal for the hymns of the brand and especially for selective funny videos against young and millennial demographers.

We also have Audio Mix Engineering Credits for Disney, Pixar, Lionsgate, Amazon, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon and more.

What is Voice Over?


A voice that we call off-camera or out-of-stage commentary is a production technique in which a voice that is not part of the story (not diegetic) - in radio, television, movie, theater or other Presentations is used. The voice-over is read from a script and can be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production or by a language specialist. The synchronous dialogue, in which the voice-over displays the simultaneous action, remains the most common technique in voice-over. Asynchronous is also used in movies. It is usually pre-recorded and placed on a movie or video, and is often used in documentaries or news to explain information. The voice-over is used in video games and queues as well as announcements and information about events and tourist destinations. It can also be read live for events such as awards ceremonies.

The voice is added in addition to any existing dialogue and should not be confused with the process of replacing the dialogue with a translated version called synchronization or revocation.

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What is the voice over artist?

It seems that I have answered that many times. There are several types of projects that voice over artists perform. I will list some without going too far.

Sometimes people with experience in the performing arts, such as actors, singers, speakers and experts, as well as celebrities with good reading skills, record this kind of project. There are also people who choose this as a career right from the beginning, who are good speakers, but who may or may not do other forms of action or promotion.

Then there is the talent of the advertising voice thinking of reading scripts for movie trailers. You know, people who start with "in a world ..." They usually have deep voices and know how to project their kind of mood and emotions, as the creative directors wanted. What many people do not realize is that these types of voices can often perform all kinds of voice styles, accents and even sex changes to suit the project.

There are comedians who read books like Audible or Librevox well. Some of these people intersect in the first group and with books, educational narrative films, documentary films or creative vocal works.

All cartoons and animations use voice-over talents. These are essentially actors who, when watching the video, speak to the parts of the cartoon characters together with an engineer, creative directors and producers or only in the home studios. Many retired actors are vocal talents who no longer want to work in film or television or for various reasons can not. Or in many cases, it can be fun for them. Cartoons and animation features often require popular celebrity voices so that adults tend to see the animation. Watch an animated Disney movie or other animation and you'll hear all kinds of celebrities playing the voice of the animated characters.

The last people who are in favor of educational and professional films. If you have ever had to undergo video diversification or other training at work, there is often a narrator to guide you through the training. In addition, most television commercials have a voiceover.And not too deep, but sometimes the actor in a movie can not say what it takes and someone happens who can look like him, to correct mistakes, to talk.

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