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We recognize that entrepreneurs, academics and students often have to struggle for the time and effort to produce comprehensive and clear research reports, whitepapers, guides, training materials or training manuals. Use to make your life easier, the 99software can turn this often confusing content into jargon into an attractive and easy-to-read copy.

Our technical writing experts have the unique ability to describe complex products in a clear, clear and complete way so that potential users can clearly understand the product and its benefits and make the best use of it.

Whether you call it content creation, information development, user support or just technical writing services, we stand out and our team is up to date with best practices, industry standards, publishing tools and distribution formats.

As the leader in technical authoring solutions used by thousands of companies around the world, Madcap Software is particularly adept at finding the right developer for your project, depending on your location, industry and location. Activity or your level of experience. What you need If you are looking for additional resources for technical writing, full-time or part-time, on-site or remotely, or if you simply need help with the point-in-time Madcap software project, you may find these resources.

Our extensive database of technical writers and content developers has a diverse set of experience and experience in using a variety of authoring solutions and can help you with a variety of content development needs.

Technical Documentation and Writing Services:

Technical documentation is like the air we breathe; We can not judge its importance when it is near, but we can certainly feel its absence. This is an essential and obvious part of every product development process. Clear, accurate and complete documentation is essential

Improve and simplify communication

Improve productivity

Free lifetime Support

Reduce support and training costs

Equipped with information design, our technical writing team can design an information architecture that best meets the needs of the audience. We develop specific products by combining our information design capabilities with the experience of a variety of tools and technologies that provide users with quick and easy access to the information they need.

In Knowledge Works, the technical writing team has extensive knowledge of delivering results to meet the needs of multiple audience profiles across multiple domains. Our team of highly effective technical writers has experience in creating a wide range of documents for a variety of areas.

By treating each project equally, paying close attention to every detail, no project is too small or too big for us. Our technical writing teams are able to manage projects from a few days to the creation of offshore technical writing teams focused on the implementation of multiannual projects for large multinational companies.

Our consulting team draws on our knowledge and experience to familiarize you with our style of work, configuration processes, style guides and templates for your technical writing departments, and to train your technical writers.

Take a look at some of our technical writing projects we have done


User and technical documentation

User manuals

Online help

Installation Manuals

Administration Books

Quick Starts

Technical references

Reference API

project documentation

requirements documents

Design documents

release Notes

Interface design documents

Test plans and reports

Policies and processes:

Presales, commercial communications and marketing

project proposals

case studies

White Papers


Content of the website


training materials

student leader





Demos and simulations

Tools and technologies

Our offices are equipped with the following tools and technologies


Adobe FrameMaker

Microsoft Office

Adobe InDesign


Adobe RoboHelp

MadCap Flare


Adobe Dreamweaver


XML / Structured Creation / DITA

Arbortext Editor


Serna XML Editor



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Visio

Techsmith SnagIt

MadCap detection

Interactive demos / simulations

Adobe Captivate

MadCap imitators


Why choose us:

Content of the highest quality

Quick response

Unlimited ratings

Qualified publishers

What you get with every technical content:

Innovative and new perspective on your technical writing requirements

Content written by a highly qualified and qualified technical writer

Of course, user-oriented writing

Content that is well adapted to the target group.

Professional format and design

Content ready for publishing

100% original content, completely revised and stored in Copyscape

Delivery on time in every format (.doc, .pdf, etc.)

We carry all of our writing hats for you:

Many of our authors have not only written scientific and technical topics, but also experience in journalism, marketing and education. In technical writing assignments, they have found that all these skills contribute to the quality of their work.

We help customers through:

Provide bandwidth: If you have big goals: start a business magazine, send a response from DP for at least a month, or rewrite the catalog completely, we have the resources to help with the implementation projects and complete them in a timely manner. We can assist you with everything you need, from editing and editing your work to writing or project management so that time is not a problem to achieve your goals. ,

Understand your audience: If you need a user guide for customers outside your area, we can help you provide easy-to-understand instructions based on your needs and questions. On the other hand, if you plan to update the content of your website, we can not write for readers with a deep understanding of your industry, but we also have the marketing skills to illustrate how your business does. stands out from the competition and SEO experience. attract visitors to your website.

To guide you: Since The Writers For Hire offers a wide range of texts, we offer more than one well-written and edited copy. If you need help publishing your case study, we can help you find the right forums and send them to you. If the 118-page RFP you just received is a bit intimidating, we can help you to ensure that you have followed the instructions of a T and written a killer summary to catch the attention of the Review Panel.

Issue: Every piece we write is reviewed by a senior editor who also has experience in journalistic, commercial and technical writing, so everything he receives is perfect and reflected in his organization.

Technical writing is not just about technical skills and knowledge in the core area of a particular subject, but also about clear writing and editing skills such as lasers.

Nowadays, with the exception of students or graduates, even an organization having a software application or system for its business process may need technical documents or manuals to operate or understand the operation of the system.

If you search on Google, you can find many technical writing services on the web. However, it is very important to find the appropriate technical consultants to complete your documentation.

If you need documentation for online help or technical documentation services for your software, or if you need a user manual, installation instructions, and professional instructions for your customer, TRY!

99Software has a team of senior technical writing consultants. They provide high quality technical documentation with the lowest price ever achieved.

We believe that well-written technical documentation can help you reduce the total cost of support. If the documents are clean, error-free, and contain instructions, you can tell end users what products and services are available.