Your Key To Success By 99software : PowerPoint Presentation

There is no pair of Microsoft PowerPoint to create a pictorial presentation in this era of current information technology. Along with the modern education system, presentation of any official or personal project is presently produced through PowerPoint. So 99software is ready for you to make a presentation according to your needs, at a low cost, modern design.

The use of this program day by day and its demand is increasing. It is easy to use the rules but those who have never used this program before or who are less aware of this program, the first question that arises in mind is how can the presentation be made through the power point or how to create a presentation through this program?

You do not have to worry about this. Because we give you this service according to your needs.


PowerPoint features:

While using seminars, discussion chairs, meetings or classes, we use slides for presenting the subject matter with the project. Now this work is done with computer. In order to create presentations or slides, an application called PowerPoint is used. PowerPoint is called Presentation Creation Application or Presentation Development Application. This is a part of the Microsoft Office package. PowerPoint is one of the most popular software development applications in the market, and one of the most popular software. From this software menu click on the mouse to present a visual presentation. Microsoft Office MS Office applications include PowerPoint's widely used.

The key features of PowerPoint are:

A) PowerPoint has 160 templates or mold. That is, there are 160 pages or plate shapes. With which visual representations or slides are created.

B) PowerPoint can be used for writing, table, design and photo simultaneously.

C) There are many color palettes on the power point. As a result, it is necessary to use color so that visual presentation is beautiful.

D) Scenic presentation on PowerPoint is like showing a slide. The picture is seen across the entire screen of the computer. The computer screen is like a slide. In addition to this, such a presentation can be displayed on large screens or walls so that many people can see it together.

The presentation made in Power Point can also be printed with computer printers.

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99software's working process for presentation:

Select a template for the full presentation

1. One design template on one slide, making it more appealing than appealing to your presentation. So choose an elegant and beautiful template for the full presentation.

2. Do not use black backgrounds
While black or white color is clearly visible on the computer, it is blurred when projector is presented. So it's best not to use black background.

3. Use interesting graphics:
Add charts, tables, graphs to the appropriate place, without just covering the text by writing. This will increase the audience's attention towards your presentation.

4. Add photo
A suitable picture can express more attitude than countless words. So add the relevant picture to the slide. However, additional pictures can distract the audience's attention so keep an eye on them.

5. Be careful in selecting the font:
To make the presentation attractive, we often use less traditional fonts or download fonts from the Internet. If the computer changes, it is seen that the entire presentation is shuffled. So, use the traditional font of Arial or Times new roman types. Also keep the font size bigger so that it is not a problem to read from a distance.

6. Add audio and video to the presentation
Contextual audio and video can bring a new dimension to your presentation. Apart from boredom, it also protects the audience.

7. Stop the trend of adding animation to the text:
There are numerous animations in PowerPoint that are thought to be more attractive by adding to writing. Animated text is suitable for an entertainment presentation, but it is absolutely inappropriate for professional presentation. As long as the text of the animation does not stabilize, no one can read it, the waste time is invaluable. So refrain from adding animation to the text.


1. Collect Presentation Information: Find out more about the topics you need to make a presentation. Most of the time, a few students in the class gather information, and others find out some information from them by hurrying them at the last minute. As a result the quality of presentation is bad.

2. Create slides cleanly During the preparation of slides for presentation, most of the students can see the trend of colored backgrounds, eyeglasses, lots of animation, etc. This does not make the presentation attractive anyhow. Remember, not the slides, your knowledge can make a presentation attractive.

3. How to Prepare the Slide: Do not copy paste all the information you have collected on the slide. Just place the key part or key points on the slide. The rest of the information will be presented to the mouth. Place the slide title in the top. Then enter key points according to importance. Using bullet points will make the slide more attractive.

Excessive slide usage makes visitors angry, so keep an eye on this. Also use the images compatible with your content on the slide.

Presentation method

1. Clothing selection:
The tendency of presentation to wear very fashionable clothing is seen among most students. Many times the presentation is more than what clothes that became the main. Since the presentation is the practice of your future career, so wear such a modest dress in the workplace. You can easily get the teacher's glance in it.

2. How to do the presentation:
Only key points on the slide will be there. So leave the trend to do the presentation after watching the slides. Practice standing in front of the mirror, how to present a presentation, how to present, and what information to present. If you have the possibility of forgetting the information, you can put it on small paper and also have notes on the bottom of the power point slide.

3. Speech Styles and Body Language:
Speak loudly, while expressing your voice. You can hear it from the last bench of the class.

Keep unnecessary hand moving forward without moving. Never keep your hand in the pocket. Also, different charts can point to the important part of the table by hand.

When talking, look at everyone in the class instead of looking towards the teacher or the specific person. All of them will be attentive to your presentation.

4. Spend a lot, be confident:
After all preparations, it is normal to get upset during the presentation of so many students and teachers. Be confident, because the people you are presenting in front of you are your friends, everyone is equally qualified. And the teacher is there to teach you. Do not be afraid of him. Before starting the presentation, drink water, then the throat will not dry. After that, start breathing for a while in the presentation.

Your school requires a college or business presentation, but due to the lack of time or problems can not make it difficult? If not late, contact today 99software company. We will make any kind of presentation in a short time according to your needs, for you.