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What is the clipping path?

A road is a road or a closed vector shape used to crop an image. Once the route has been created, it will be used in the same way as before.

Where can the clipping path be used?

Clipping path is necessary when we use a picture / photo / photo to prepare a design, color: such as booklet design, magazine design, website design, brochures and more. For example, I have a photographer with a colored background on the cover of my catalog. I need to remove the background of this particular image as my catalog is green and has a different design. To do this, I need to create a path around the image and then convert it to a clipping path. And if you use Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver or any other program, the background image will disappear, that is, bottomless (transparent). He just wants to show the picture that was in the street. Look at the pictures below for a live view.

Why is the clipping path service so important?

We will now describe why this service is so important. as a person sends us a car image for editing. as if he wanted to remove the floor of the car. We can easily use it to find a clear way where any method can be used after the selection, we can easily eliminate the background of this image by following a process.

Why the photo editor as a clipping path?

All photo editors like the clipping path service. The clipping path is mandatory.

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Should I use a cutting path in editing?

Simple question and answer to the question: Yes, it is not necessary to shorten the route service in photo editing in terms of editing


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It is the most essential service for editing images and services for anyone to sell ecommerce products. Don’t worry, we'll help you to make sure all your pictures match your picture. We use Photoshop tools for

Cut, resize, crop, erase borders, and remove the background of the image by converting it to a white, transparent, or colored background according to your instructions.


For owners of online shops we present our additional delivery of web images. Add image specifications (such as 800 × 800 px cropping size), and we'll provide you with web-enabled images, including clipping path files. We respect the image size requirements for every ecommerce platform like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, Squarespace and so on.


If you want to separate and change the different parts and functions of the same product, including color, shape, and size, the multiple clipping paths are the service that you can deploy. We can deliver images using Alpha Channel, Layer Mask or Only Path.

Coincidence of color:

Do you have many different color variations of the same product, but do not waste time taking pictures of each? Without having to worry! It's not necessary. We can change the color and size of the same product according to your instructions to save you the time and money you need to take pictures.

Contract neck:

If you have an online clothing store, this service will definitely be useful to you. The images of clothes shown with mannequins hide the neck of the tissues. In this case, we have the experience of removing the mannequins and adding the clipping to the corresponding images using the Photoshop tools and clipping path service.


We are experts in retouching products and portraits. We touch on human portraits that focus on beauty. We offer a wide range of retouching and beauty services, from skin renewal to the background modification of portraits. Keep in mind that editing portraits is not just about a particular kind of editing service. It is a combination of several beauty and color editing projects


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