The 99Software Is Best Music Production Service Provider In Bangladesh

The most successful artists rely on an experienced record producer who brings his creations to life in the recording studio. The producer is an integral part of the process to make sure the artist is aware of his sound.

99software has nominated music producers who are nominated for their Grammy Awards and can bring their compositions to life in the studio.

We discuss with you all facets of what you want to achieve with your music and develop a plan to accomplish the task. We've worked with new artists and composers, and we all know the tricks and secrets that the best music producers use.

Our music producers can help you in all areas of song recording. From the selection of songs through the complete recording process to the sequencing of the material of an album, the producer is responsible for a finished and refined product. He also takes what he believes to present the artist and gives him the life. He is the leader of an orchestra of players that would include the artist, musicians, engineers, arrangers, singers, editors, and even the studio's atmosphere. We recorded artists who demanded candles and food for long shots.


He also controls who is in the control room of the studio and who may be present during the recording process, unless the artist. The producer usually has a great deal of musical knowledge and a sound engineer knows how to use different hats to adapt to the different personalities of artists and musicians.

In the history of music production, the role and function of producers has changed a lot and is still changing today. In the early years, a music producer in Los Angeles was more suit and tie than he was thinking about the recording studios. As a rule, they would be responsible for booking the study time, as they would have to worry about the labels' budgets and union payrolls. act more like an accountant or class administrator. Over time, we began to involve the producers more in the music creation process, which was to write songs, organize graphics, critique performances, and even play the records.

Today, those who specialize in music production have come from all walks of life and have unique approaches to playing the role of the producer. Some of today's best producers are already accomplished artists or have experience in DJing, remixing, theater, writing or engineering. Modern music producers must wear many hats and listen to their customers' concerns, be it music or anything that could affect marketing, brand recognition or Twitter trends. .. distractions. Joking aside, the help of a smart and experienced music producer can have a positive impact on your recordings and career.

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As an accomplished music producer, he sees himself as a "cool nerd" and is proud of it. His style of music production uses a unique combination of geeky engineering knowledge, songwriting with fashion ideas and performance-oriented production. The first thing a producer always asks an artist is: "What is the purpose of this recording?" So you can know where the artist would like to be on a slide of artistic integrity on one side and the commercial one on the other.

The producer has the advantage of sitting down and listening to your music as an unknown audience. He not only spent a lot of time digesting the recordings, but also the experience of mixing shows and seeing thousands of acts alongside the stage. He was able to shoot with artists and watch them play the same material night after night. Both options gave the manufacturer the unique ability to accurately analyze performance in dozens of genres. He achieves this with the utmost precision and the ability to playfully communicate with the players on a musical and emotional level. In the end, these possibilities have broadened Jaron's musical knowledge and experience far beyond that of a normal producer.

Whether he wants to make the heaviest post-hardcore album in the world or the most accessible pop album in the world, the producer will hear his comments to bring his desired sound in line with the purpose of his music. He really believes in this approach because it works very well for one of his musical production heroes, Rick Rubin (Beastie Boys, Down System, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Kayne West, Slayer, Adele, Red Hot Chili), pepper, to name a few ). The producer will never emphasize and say "play just like that". I'd rather give you an idea with some ideas that suit the genre, but at the same time they're very modern and allow you to walk with them. It's really what you hear in your head that makes it an interesting or desirable part. And he's proud to add his "good boy" smell to the recipe, but letting it out of the artist's writing and performance. It's a delicate role, a kind of muse, and a music production expert in Los Angeles does it gracefully and without ego.

The producer spends countless hours reading, listening, watching and improving his music production method. Use this left side of your brain to manage the entire recording process, starting with composition, pre-production, selecting musicians if necessary, and rehearsals. Once you're ready to follow, the producer will guide you through the follow-up sessions with an organized plan. After all, his material has to be mixed and mastered so that he can design himself or supervise this process from third parties.

There is no good or bad way to manage music production, so you should choose the producer that suits you best! The producer has the organizational skills to tackle your project and make it a simple process. However, his very musical and artistic personality will be the creative spark his project needs to achieve growth and excellence. If you are looking for music production services for your unique sound, contact us today for a free consultation.

The 99software production team is a select group of highly qualified and established musicians and session producers who are ready to put their magic into their music. Not only do they roll and sound incredible, they are also very affordable for singers, composers, musicians and independent producers.

All modern DAW systems are interchangeable with audio files. The files recorded by 99software are compatible with all common DAW systems such as ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase, Sonar, Digital Performer, Logic etc.

Preferred: Full band accompaniment track minus the track being recorded. If you want us to know all the parts of the song and play after what's going on in the music, that's the way to go. We can interact or stay away from the individual instrumental parts as if we were playing in a live situation with a whole group. In this way you will benefit the most from the musicality and musicality of our players. Just make sure all parts of your backing track are well groomed and "mixed".

Optional: You can also send a track as easily as a rhythm guitar and a recorded voice along the click track. In that case, you will need to give us more written instructions, as there will not be much musical information.

The professional service of mixing batteries includes:

There are a few important steps that must be taken carefully to ensure the best and best possible results from recorded drums.

In terms of registration, two of the key elements of the process are:

1) Battery set well and it sounds good to start,

2) faithfully recorded tracks with high-quality equipment and correct placement of the microphone in a suitable acoustic space.

Once we have great raw drum tracks, we'll make the most of the recording by using the following techniques:

manual handling of unwanted microphone "leaks"


Tracking the alignment



Dynamic processing (compression)

phase alignment

Add spatial information

Since the drums are recorded with multiple microphones (11 or more), it is necessary to work them correctly and carefully to avoid phase cancellations and to obtain maximum body, depth and power.