Use Video Marketing For Get Success Your Business By 99Software

Videos are the ideal format for content consumption. That's why many marketers integrate videos into their content strategies. In the software, we use video at every step of the sales funnel, as it is the most effective way to deliver messages, illustrate complex ideas, and convince stakeholders.

Our video marketing services on the Internet offer companies the production, optimization and promotion of videos. Video marketing enables companies to communicate their message in a multi-level result: images, speech and text, while reaching a broad audience with minimal cost and time.

Video is a powerful way to show lessons or present emotional content. Videos are frequently displayed in search results. This will allow you to attract more visitors by mastering the natural search results of your market. Our video marketing team will help you optimize a video based on your specific keyword for the best results. We can help you create a script, graphics, images, and other media based on the digital content you provide.


Or we can optimize your already produced video so that you have what it takes to reach the top of reputable search engines. We can also offer background music without copyright and professional synchronization skills. Then we distribute the video to several popular video sites like YouTube and Met cafe.

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Benefits of Video Marketing:

According to the keyword, we have generally been able to rate your video on the first page of Google through our online video marketing. Do you already have a great video? We can help you with optimization and distribution for optimal results. Google loves fresh and attractive content. Video marketing is an ideal way to submit your message to search engines on the Internet.

Other advantages of search engine marketing are:

Easy consumption

Appeal to the senses

Put emotions

Demonstrate experience and help assert credibility and brand

Enables easy editing of content

How do our video marketing services work?

After identifying the marketing needs of your business, you'll receive suggestions on how to expand and improve your marketing campaign, and how to use the video search to promote your business online, as appropriate. , Video marketing is not for everyone and there can be easier and more effective ways to reach your audience. The satisfaction of our customers shows why it is important to hire an experienced and competent specialist. All companies have different needs to get the basics for better performance: higher search engine rankings, larger customer base, and higher profits. Start developing an online marketing plan now and make sure you do not let potential customers scare you off!

Video marketing leads to more engagement:

Videos are becoming more and more the most important means of online communication. Whether you're considering a promotional video or a business video, this kind of approach is an excellent way to showcase your products and services, or even to optimize your internal processes. Using videos on your website and as a marketing tool on other websites (such as YouTube) is a great way to promote your business, enhance the user experience, and ultimately enhance the presence of YouTube in your search engine business. , Video click through rates are much higher than with ads or image-based content. Websites that offer videos on their websites tend to have higher recurring traffic.

Blue Fountain Media offers the possibility to get any video format on your website. As one of the leading video producers, we have optimized the videos for better transmission and user experience. We implement social sharing features that allow you to increase the sharing capacity and reach of your content.

Videos of products and services:

Product and service videos explain what a company is doing to new customers or visitors, and help communicate what sets the company or the customer offering apart from the crowd. Videos are powerful tools to drive additional traffic to a website and raise awareness.


Your brand is unique, your ideas are unique, your marketing must be unique. Do not settle for the ordinary. Our video marketing services enable you to outperform and outperform the competition.


Your ideas, your voice and your message are important. We work with you to make sure your animated video meets your expectations. We will contact you every step of the way.

Free advice:

Our video marketing services include a free 30-minute phone consultation with one of our video marketing experts to analyze your business and goals. That's how we formulate your video marketing strategy

A video produced:

A simple graphic video with text, images, your logo, music and the address of your website (call to action) and / or phone number (1 minute duration / 1 free edition) personalized for your business

SEO and video optimization:

Then we do a keyword search, identify what your customers are looking for, and tag your video so you can reach your target market. By correctly referencing your video, users can find it in major search engines and on YouTube. We have unique titles / descriptions and unique string labels / descriptions

Video Distribution:

Video distribution of up to 15 video and social media portals online to assist you in promoting your video (drip fed over a period of 2 weeks). Each video channel contains the logo, URL, and description of your business. In addition, we create a custom YouTube background for your business

Free YouTube views:

As part of your online video, we also offer an integrated YouTube marketing campaign that will help you to improve your video rankings on major search engines.

video reports:

As part of our video marketing services, we'll provide you with a monthly report for the first three months with a description of the YouTube video campaign and a report that lists the distribution of all videos. In addition, we provide you with a report that shows which keywords are listed in the search engines for you.


Google Video Sitemap, ping service, YouTube profiling, video bookmarks, and more.

Video audiences are moving online, where brands with emerging business models have more reach than companies using traditional marketing channels. Businesses that engage with online audiences across multiple platforms, target relevant content, and personalize the experience of individuals are becoming leaders in the digital ecosystem.

Our video marketing services can help companies become integrated, data-driven digital video marketing and advertising organizations. This new model will enable companies to leverage consumer insights gained through interactions across optimized digital and social channels, as well as the full value of their marketing and advertising costs.

Accenture provides a framework of assets and services that help to develop and transform business skills, by developing a test and learning culture that eliminates traditional organizational silos that hinder digital literacy business and business agility. delivery

The transformation can be accelerated by using tools and capabilities tailored to individual business needs and the transformation phase. The software framework provides consulting services to accelerate this process, such as the interaction strategy and program architecture, as well as definition and delivery services, as well as the provisioning and operation of managed services. Software service portfolio enables traditional companies to move from strategy to transformation for video marketing.