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Employees come to work, do their work and go home day after day. But sometimes people stop working because of illness or they come too late. They can ask you to adjust your schedules to your personal life. How can you follow all the coming and going? You can track them all with the support 99software that gives you the best software.

What is support management?

With attendance management you can track the hours of your employees. With this system the working time of the employees is documented and when they start. Attendance management can be done by recording hours on paper, using spreadsheets, creating drill program sets, or using online support software and time for your business.

Do you need support management?


All employers must have a support management system for employees. Your system must meet the FLSA synchronization requirements, regardless of how you implement it.

Attendance management systems allow you to accurately calculate the working time of your employees. This is especially beneficial if you have hourly employees. You need to be able to calculate the exact salary you owe to employees. And you should know if you owe additional salaries to employees.

If you have employees, you can see how often employees work. Employees can document the time inside and outside their business. You can know how much you work, even if you do not see them.

Employee time tracking informs you if employees are on time. This only works if you ask employees to document the exact arrival or departure time. You can see if an employee is late or jumps early.

Support Management also allows you to track the number of days off that employees use. This is important if your company has a policy that allows employees to use a certain number of sick days or holidays.

Support Software for Management Support:

You can purchase support software and online time to use your support management system. With the time recording software, you can enter the time of the employee. Or you can set up self-service for employees so that employees can join at their own pace. Employees can also enter their sick time and vacation. The free time is automatically deducted from the total free time each employee is allowed to use. 99software provides high-quality, easy-to-use software for aftercare of employees.

Simplify your tracking time:

Software support software provides a powerful, easy-to-use interface that gives you real-time information to manage your business support data virtually anywhere, significantly reducing the time it takes to process and supporting staff, and automatically calculates the total number of times you complete it Working hours, including overtime, leave, illness and vacation. With our reporting solutions, you can make real-time decisions so you can easily convert your data into actionable and useful information.

Free lifetime Support

Control labor costs and start saving money today:

For example, according to research, companies without automatic time and attendance tend to pay between 1.5% and 10% of the gross salary due to time theft and calculating calculations. Mistake, they cost billions of dollars every year to American companies. For a company with 10 employees, it can be more than $ 10,000 per year. The software support solution helps you eliminate misperceptions by helping you to accurately calculate time totals, automatically apply overtime, and keep them in line with labor laws.

Eliminate the theft of employees:

The Bangladesh Payroll Association estimates that up to 5 minutes per employee per day are lost due to employee theft of time. The time tracking solution helps you reduce your flight time by applying rounding rules and restricting programs, as well as avoiding peer-to-peer visits when using our software.

Powerful Payroll Export Features:

We recognize the burden that payroll places on employees or employees responsible for this tedious task. The connection with your payroll accountant is the key to any time recording software. Rest assured, make sure that the system control and time recording software is designed to automate Interact process and payroll management by providing easy transfer time to all HR payroll systems. Our patented export tool can easily create an export that meets the needs of your software or payroll service provider.

Powerful reports and analysis:

Get full visibility through our reports, which provide well-informed decision-making in real time, so you can easily turn data into valuable and valuable information. Immediate manager and executive access to reporting, consulting, and analytics tools enables your organization to proactively manage business needs rather than just responding to them.

Unprecedented after sales support:

People are more powerful than technology. Even the most innovative tools do not make sense unless there is a team of experts behind it. That's why we offer unprecedented aftermarket support that goes far beyond solving standard problems and fixed parts.

Full features:

The software's time recording and management system provides a wide range of configurable time recording features that enable employers to effectively track employee hours. Each function is offered to organize and quantify an employee's working day.

Benefits of Software Support Software 99:

Improve your employees' productivity by replacing all manual calculations of control cards

Avoid the hassle of checking employees' scorecards on paper

Reduce manual payroll errors and data entry errors

Reduces the processing time for billing

Respect the labor laws by enforcing overtime accordingly

Reduce time spent planning employees

Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, illness or other paid vacation

Get real-time real-time visibility of your time and attendance data

With our solution in the cloud, you do not have to install or maintain the software

Access anytime, anywhere with a web browser

Identify and eliminate time theft (at the beginning, after hours and when the partner is hit)

Total export time in minutes for all payroll and software service providers

Vacation management is easy and uncomplicated

Reduce overtime costs by proactively changing schedules quickly

The assistance system is used to monitor the presence and movement of employees during their working hours and to prepare materials for subcontracting.

By using the support system, you can reduce the number of errors in processing support data, make better use of working hours, and improve the quality of employees' personal attitudes to work tasks (increasing work ethic) and avoiding overtime in an unjustified manner ,

Access modules help you restrict access to individual company buildings or parking spaces or allow authorized personnel access to the production facility.

Components of the assistance and access system

Access and access to terminals, locks, doors, gates, doors, turnstiles.

Identification means: card or contactless tag, keychain with Dallas chip, fingerprint.

Software for processing support and access settings.

Assistance system:

Each employee receives a personal identification. With the software you can define up to 90 individual steps to be performed during the passage of the terminal (arrival at work, appointment with the doctor, departure for a business trip, departure to another workplace, holidays, etc.). For each operation, you can define the behavior in the additional automatic processing.

The employee approaches the terminal with his identification means, selects an operation he wants to carry out and retains the identification means in the scanner. Passage data is stored in the turnstile memory and sent to the collecting computer. If the terminal is connected to a lock (a door, a barrier, a turnstile, etc.), access to the building is activated.

The terminal and the computer can be connected via a special cable, a structured cable system, a modem, a landline or a wireless network. In the event of a failure, all data will be stored in the terminal's backup memory until the communication channel with the computer is refreshed. At the same time, it is possible to provide the terminals (door locks, barriers, etc.) with an emergency power supply to ensure complete operation of the unit even in the event of a power failure.

All data read and processed by the terminals are clearly displayed in a graphical format; The data can be adjusted manually. Operations can be inserted into the already displayed data and the records can be customized. All changes made are highlighted to clearly indicate the manual settings. The name of the user who made the change is provided for the inserted data. Data from the terminal is retained.

With a sophisticated access rights system, support editing can only be restricted to those who are authorized to make support changes.

In multi-shift work, the software automatically assigns the shift to the employee, calculates the premiums per shift in the afternoon and evening, or bonuses for working on Saturdays or Sundays during processing. help.

Of course, overtime calculations can also be done. The software calculates overtime and an authorized person (supervisor, department manager) decides how much extra time is paid and how much will be transferred or canceled in the next month.

If the treatment is needed for a period that is not a month, the period can be configured according to your needs (1,2,4 weeks, 10 days, etc.)

The software provides complex data on the help needed to calculate salaries. It will show how working time is used by individual employees within the company as a whole and will process many printed documents needed for salary processing. In the Game Editor, you can define your own print and export records.