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Stocks are the materials, the work in progress, and the end products that companies sell to generate income. Without inventory, there is no money. 99software has developed any kind of inventory software for your business according to your needs.

Even more important than simply having or not having an inventory is to follow the inventory. This is the key to an efficient and profitable business. Mismanagement of inventory is one of the top 8 reasons why small businesses fail, according to SBA.gov. While inventory management software is an essential tool for business owners, 46% of small businesses with 11 to 500 employees still do not track inventory or use a manual inventory process. Paul Hu faker, vice president of Race source, has adopted the Wasp Inventory software to solve this problem. "Keep an Exact Inventory Account in Excel Time and Errors. Often reorganized or fabricated pieces, simply because they knew I had what was a useless issue."


Inventory management software includes business applications that track, manage, and organize product sales, hardware purchases, and other production processes. No inventory tracking days more with pencil and paper. Businesses can now use barcode or RFID-based systems to see when shipments are received, where the raw materials are, and when their products have been shipped. By using inventory management software, companies reduce the burden of monitoring the baseline, focusing instead on analyzing, researching, and reducing inefficiencies in their model.

Why is the inventory management software important?

According to IBM, 54% of senior chain leaders will optimize their inventory management to control and reduce costs. Without a precise calculation of how much inventory a company has, where that inventory is, and what it takes to meet incoming and future orders, any business can work very efficiently to generate profits and generate growth. Surprisingly, inventory inefficiency is common in many companies. According to an analysis by Management Science, the figures were inaccurate for 65% of the 370,000 stock records observed in 37 retail outlets.

Inaccurate inventory data creates a longer delivery time (the time between the start and completion of a process), which means a slower response to demand, market changes and bottlenecks. This, in turn, can create customer dislike when products are not available as needed. For small businesses, the margin of error is too small to meet the demand demanded (only about 50% of small businesses survive in the last four years). In addition, a shorter delivery time is an important source of competitive advantage.

We described the inventory management software earlier in the article, let's look at its use. The use of quality inventory management software offers many benefits, such as: For example, a precise distribution of products and services, fast customer service and faster and safer agreements. Ideally, your inventory management system will be hosted in the cloud, well integrated with third-party management software, and available for use on mobile devices for large and distributed device needs.

These are the key benefits of inventory management software and the answers when your manager asks: Why use warehouse management software?

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Centralized memory:

The more inventory you need to control, the harder it is to manage orders and direct products to the right customers. With a suitable deposit tool you can track the availability of all products and services and quickly inform customers about the status of their orders.

Effective stock:

Good inventory management is the cornerstone of a healthy retail store as it saves the time and effort required to manually manage inventory. When a collaborative system is in action, your employees no longer write daily reports and go from one place to another to give them an answer. However, the data is kept regularly on their devices and updated.

Higher sales productivity:

Many companies report a significant improvement in their closed transaction rates when implementing their first inventory management solution. This is because keeping an accurate inventory avoids losing customers and minimizing common mistakes people make, such as reporting out-of-stock items and transferring customers to various stores.

Delivery on time:

The key benefit of using warehouse management software is meeting delivery deadlines and preventing customers from having to wait years before receiving their delivery. The advanced programs even involve them in the process, giving them a realistic picture of the status of their order and allowing them to track the movement of the product from purchase to the end.

Adapted control frequency:

Although distributors consider goods shortages to be the worst possible scenarios, we attribute this property to overstocking. Losing products or paying for storage and maintenance is when companies lose most of their money. That's why stock management software is so useful. By keeping track of their current inventory, companies can reorganize suppliers at the right time or better adjust the frequency of orders.

No hidden costs anymore:

Another competitive advantage of good inventory systems is that they can easily adapt to sudden sales spikes and you can adjust to sudden ups and downs. In order to do this, you do not have to pay extra for the storage, in the best case you also get a product to prepare, package and send products for you.

Satisfied costumers:

With personalized service and accurate answers at all times, your customers are happier than ever. You can track the status of sent orders without the risk of being informed late that the expected product is no longer available.

Integration into administrative systems:

Another way to detect a quality inventory management system is to test its connectivity to management applications, especially the accounting and ERP systems that process inventory data. The best option is to buy an open API system because it allows custom connections to all service providers and usually provides the best technical support.

Precision and precise planning:

Inventory management systems help you plan ahead and act more proactively, track product status, manage negative trends and opportunities, and retrieve important historical data to predict revenue growth. In fact, most inventory tools are filled with analytical features that save you time and meet all the key indicators that measure your productivity.

Storage and warehousing systems become indispensable in the retail, wholesale, services and many other industries, allowing the company to monitor the goods produced and distribute them to all interested customers. Inventory management software definition has all the tools to prevent spoiling products, avoid costly mistakes and theft, and most importantly, keep all satisfied customers.

What is an inventory management software and what does it do?

What modern companies consider a competitive advantage of the automation technology inventory is the ability to plan ahead and prepare for sudden spikes or falls, to follow sales trends and to consult historical documents. Organized and categorized actions also improve your efficiency and get important statistics when you need them. Regardless of the complexity of their existence or the amount of products distributed, a warehouse management tool will be a valuable addition to your software infrastructure and one of the fastest ways to meet the expectations of its employees and forms its customers.

Are you ready to buy your first inventory management software? Better yet, have you decided what kind of stock software you need? This category offers both simple catalogs and complex listing systems. So you always have to compare several solutions before you get in the car. 99software is a very reliable company for all types of commercial software sales. You get your software anytime, whenever you want. If you really need it, contact us and do not hesitate.