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99Software is now the most sought-after destination for entertainment including entertainment such as Walt Disney, IMAX and Sony, animation and special effects for Bangladesh. Quality and cost-effective services, with a presence in English and the presence of high-tech animation studios in a growing animation center. If you vote for the company, you can choose the most profitable option.

99software is one of the leading animation studios in India with 2D animation, 3D animation, storyboards, animations and medical animations, viral video demonstrations, products, illustrations, logos, banners, portraits and anime drawings. If you want to download, vote, vote, vote or vote on a website, we need to design and create compelling animations that exactly fit your needs.

Our animation services:


We specialize in understanding your needs and receiving the desired message with spirit and elegance. We animate production values with an appropriate combination of artistic design, sound and animation and immediately catch the attention of the audience. We emphasize the rapid change of project, because we understand that often tight deadlines are met. As a result, we deliver spreadsheets within 8 to 10 working days and deliver 2D animation results of 90 seconds within 15 to 20 working days. However, delays can be extended for complex and specific project requirements. We services include -

We services include -

2D animation:

We experts create 2D characters or images with computer adaptations of traditional animation techniques. Bitmap or 2D graphics are created first and then animated. To highlight the best 2D characters or images, we use techniques such as morphing, skin-onning, interpolation, and interpolated rotoscopy. We have extensive experience in providing video animation services for 2D, online courses, demos, games, corporate products, presentations, banner websites, logos and animated simulations.

3D animation:

We capable animators start the process of 3D animation with polygons to create figures. Digital armor is used to bring characters to life. We give you characters and 3D images for your movies, games, product demos, websites, TV shows or presentations. We animators are experts in various types of 3D animations, such as skeleton animation, motion capture, crowd simulation, cel-shading animation, and morphing target animation.

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Flash animation:

With 2D and 3D animation, our team is also expert in creating attractive Flash animations using Adobe Flash, Swish etc. Animations and videos in Flash are consistent couple, ideal tools for animations of interactive websites and other similar. Like a clean and polished graphic appearance.


We offer cost-effective animated services where we show a series of still images as an animated sequence with timers, sound effects, voice-overs and so on. We assure you that you understand the speed and overall progress of your story and make last-minute changes before the final production begins.

Animated videos:

Animated videos are ideal for commercial presentations to capture, captivate, and explain to the audience. In 99software we have created animated videos for marketing professionals, educators, large multinationals and startups etc. to improve your brand, product or service. With the advent of social media, animated video is now the perfect tool to reach your public goal.

Animated scripts:

Imaginable for the Animatic, we can help you win thousands of dollars in production costs to help you discover the exact sequence of film to be filmed. These storyboards are especially useful for cameramen because they can visualize them. Whether photorealistic or one-line, we offer black and white and various color styles to illustrate storyboards scene by scene. We can help you preview a movie, an interactive video, an electronic game, animation, and more.

Animated illustrations:

Animated illustrations, popularly known as animated GIFs, are lightweight and can help you express your creative ideas or advertisements on a variety of social media platforms. Our animators create one by one in Adobe Illustrator, which is then exported to a file format of your choice. With our innovative and engaging animated illustrations, you can easily communicate your message to your target audience.

Animations of recorders:

Popularly known as blackboard animations, the writing animations are ideal for training and development courses, online video marketing and the creation of explanatory videos. Typically captured and recorded by an illustrator while creating his work, writing animations is not only very versatile and effective, but also profitable and has a reduced development time. Our artists have worked with clients around the world to create high quality, hand drawn and stunning videos.

Special entertainment services:

Animation for E-Learning: In the software we offer interactive animations for CBT / WBT (Computer / Web-Training), processes, graphics, games, educational videos and CD / DVD-ROMs.

Website Animation: We can create exclusive animated banners, homepages, graphics, logos, images, and user interfaces for your websites to make them more appealing.

Business Animation: We can provide your business with animations of prototypes of machinery and equipment, commercial presentations, interiors, overpasses, medical equipment, or courses that give your organization a competitive advantage.

Entertainment / Media Animation: We offer compelling 2D and 3D animation services for movies, TV shows and commercials.

In addition to the above services, we also provide services to create high-quality shockwave sets, animated screensavers and live wallpapers, among others.

Why do you need animation?

Tie the attention:

Just as children's films and cartoons are designed to attract attention through entertainment and creativity, marketing strategies also aim to attract attention with these devices. This is a good example of why companies use animation in their digital marketing strategies.

Do you understand:

Many companies, such as Chipotle, which recently launched an animated commercial to revive consumers after the food safety scandals use animation as a marketing strategy because it produces spectacular results. This can lead to higher sales margins and profitability, but can also contribute to a better reputation. Businesses can give clients an idea of goals and intentions so they can better understand and re-enter the emotional impact of the animation.

Engage the audience:

Is there a better way to showcase your products / services for a few minutes, as well as targeting the market with a visual or emotionally stimulating animation? For example, Pixar's animation attracts people of all ages and many of his films have enjoyed great popularity for years. Brands can use animations to play in such associations. For example, the Spanish lottery capitalizes on the animation of emotional commitment when it launched this poignant announcement last year.

Communicate quickly but succinctly:

The animation sells the services and goals of a company in a clear and concise manner. By making sure your message is clear and your goal clearly defined, make sure that your animation is successful and does not become a disaster. When a product / service is clearly advertised and the ad gets straight to the point, more consumers will be interested in what the company has to offer. The animation achieves this because of its simplicity.

Make a lasting and unforgettable impression:

By using advertising more creatively, companies also have the advantage of leaving a lasting impression on current and new customers. For example, John Lewis has an unforgettable reputation for his Christmas selection as she publishes Christmas ads every year (many of which are animated). These TV commercials often have a very popular answer because of the entertainment factor of storytelling and animation.